November 4, 2018



In a world as connected as ours, where we instantly know what happens in the opposite corner of the globe, Model UN is also evolving. PIMUN, thanks to MUNAPEST  and WEBMUN, conceived “INTERCONNECTIVITY”, as a different way to see Model UN. In interconnectivity, any event, decision or voting occurring in one committee has an impact on all other. Representatives of Member States work in close cooperation  with their co-delegates in other committees in order to defend their position in all of them.

This leads to new and interesting dynamics that are going to be explored in Model African Union during PIMUN 2024! Divided into an Executive Council committee and Peace and Security Council committee, both important organs of the African Union, delegates are going to tackle respectively “Examining ways to better integrate Regional Economic Communities.” and “Reviewing and improving African Standby forces.”

During different sessions, delegates of these committees are going to have the opportunity to send delegation into the interconnected committee, to debate final resolutions in a common general assembly of both interconnected committees and much more!