November 17, 2019


Chair Applications will be from November the 11th to December the 22nd 2019.

Chair and Backroom applications for Crisis are open until January 20th 2020. Go to :

Press Director applications are open until January 20th 2020. Go to:

Delegate Applications will be between the 1st of February and the 10th of May 2020.



If you enjoy debating and are keen to develop and improve your public speaking skills, come to PIMUN 2020!

Chairs do not need to pay any fees, will have access to all the social, and they will be provided lunch (Thursday and Friday), coffee and snacks, goodies & certificate of participation.

Delegates fees are up to 100€.

They include:

  • Participation to all sessions as a delegate ;
  • Access to all the socials ;
  • Lunch, coffee and snacks on Thursday and Friday ;
  • Goodies ;
  • Visa invitation letter;
  • Certification of participation.