November 17, 2019


Applications will be on MyMUN, and will open soon !

Experience french diplomacy !


If you enjoy debating and are keen to develop and improve your public speaking skills, come to PIMUN 2023 !

Chairs do not need to pay any fees, will have access to all the social, and they will be provided lunch, coffee and snacks, goodies & certificate of participation.

Noting the deceptions of PIMUN 2022 on financial participation, with fees that you don’t see reflected, our team is working very hard in order to make sure your experience is well-worth its price !

Delegates fees are expected to be around 100€ !

They include (for real, this time !) :

  • Participation to all sessions as a delegate
  • Access to all the socials
  • Lunch, coffee and snacks
  • Goodies
  • Visa invitation letter
  • Certification of participation