• When is PIMUN 2017?

PIMUN 2017 will held from May 31st to June 4th.

  • Where will the conference be held?

Committee Sessions will be held in Sciences Po Paris, the city’s most renowned school of Politics and International Relations.

  • How much are the registration fees? When do the different waves of registration end?

Early Bird registration fees are 90€, began on 1 February and end on 23 February.

Standard registration fees are 105€, will begin on 1 March and on 5 April.

Late registration fees are 120€, will begin on 15 April and end on 30 April.

  • Can the PIMUN Secretariat help me find a cheap and convenient accommodation?

While we cannot guarantee that the best places will still be available, we have prepared a list to help you find an accommodation. Please see here for some suggestions.

  • Can PIMUN provide me with an invitation letter to support my visa application?

The PIMUN Secretariat will be more than happy to help Delegates get their visas. Please note that we can only provide you with an invitation letter if the registration and payment have been finalized.

  • Does the Delegate Fee cover travel and accommodation?

The Delegate Fee only covers the conference fees, lunches, PIMUN goodies and socials. Travel expenses and accommodation must be organized independently by participants.

  • How do I prepare for the Conference?

If you come with a Delegation, you should ask your Head Delegates for tips and training sessions prior to the conference. If you’re a single Delegate, without any MUN experience, you can find many useful informations on many websites (such as Best Delegate).
Once you have signed up for the conference, you will receive your allocation. Your chairs will then provide you with a Topic Guide to help you prepare for the debate.

  • What does a typical day in committee look like?

Committee Sessions will usually start at 9am. The first session of the day will last until lunch time, with a coffee break around 10:30. Additional breaks are allowed at the discretion of the chairs. Lunch will be provided to the delegates around 12:30/1pm, during one hour. Afternoon sessions will last until 6:30/7pm, including a 30 mn snack and coffee break around 4:30pm. After the Sessions, Delegates are highly encouraged to come to the Socials, as there will be one for every day of the conference.

  • I would like to add a Delegate to my Delegation. What can I do?

If the Delegation is already registered but did not proceed to payment, please send an email to applications@pimun.fr, stating that you would like to add a Delegate to the Delegation. If the Delegation Payement has already been made, please ask the additional Delegate to register as a Single Delegate, specifying in the « Additional Informations » part of the registration that he/she would like to be added to the Delegation.

  • Can I participate in PIMUN if I have never done MUN before?

Of course! We offer a selection of Beginner Committees that you can apply to. You can find the list here.

  • What is Interconnectivity?

Pioneered by Webster MUN and MUNAPEST in 2016, Interconnectivity is a new approach to MUN aiming to make the debate more realistic, where an event occurring in one committee affects the work of all the other interconnected committees. More informations here.

  • What are the topics for the Committees?

Please refer to the list of Committee Topics that you will find here.

  • Can underage participants take part in the socials?

Underage participants are welcome to participate to the Committee Dinner and Culural Exchange. Unfortunately, they cannot be accepted in the Pub Crawl and Club Social, due to the fact that alcohol will be served during both events.