6 December 2017

Interconnectivity committees



Arctic Council

Topics: Negotiating the Arctic Treaty

Chairs: Florian Guidat & Camille Villeneuve

General Assembly – Disarmament Commission

Topics: Mine clearance in the North Sea Barrage

Chairs: Valentin Hoyez & Joseph Lee

UN Security Council

Topics: Securing the area against pirates

Chairs: Tatiana Bahous & Christophe Boudin

General Assembly – Emergency Summit

Topics: Coordinated response and liability to the restoration of telecommunication in the Arctic region

Chairs: Kamilla Béres & Eduardo González Sánchez

World Trade Organization

Topics: Multilateral Treaty on Preventing and Addressing International Financial Data

Chairs: Anne-Laure Baldacchino & Annelise Barre

Interconnectivity Press Committee

Topics: Ensure That information is well spread through the committees

Chairs: Kovács-Dobák Géza