6 December 2017

Terms and Conditions


By completing the registration to PIMUN 2018, all participants to PIMUN 2018 agree to the following terms and conditions:
(1) In the following, the term “delegate” refers to any paying participant, whether part of a delegation or not. The term “delegation”, however, refers to group of 2 or more delegates who have registered under a delegation and/or University name.
(2) In the following, the term “participant” further includes faculty advisers accompanying underage delegates, and all observers and invitees.
(3) Even if any of the terms specified below should become ineffective, all remaining terms of this agreement remain legally binding.

(1) On delegate fees

  1. Delegate Fees include attendance of the conference, socials (unless specified), and lunches of Day 2 (25/05/2018) and Day 3 (26/05/2018).
  2. Fees are non-refundable under any circumstances.
  3. Failure to pay fees within the allocated time ( of 3 weeks ) will result in losing one’s place at PIMUN 2018.
  4. After payment of the Delegate Fees, country and committee allocations will be allocated to the Delegate/Delegation via MyMUN. Preferences will be taken into account within reasonable measure.

(2) On participant behavior and expulsion from the Conference

  1. A participant is defined as any individual participating to PIMUN 2018 including Delegates, Faculty Advisors, Chairs, Conference Coordinators, members of the Crisis Teams (including Directors, Backroom members, and Chairs), and all members of the PIMUN 2018 Secretariat.
  2. Delegates over the age of 26 on the day before the first day of the conference may only be allowed to participate at PIMUN 2018 if they are part of a delegation affiliated with a university.
  3. Participants are expected and obliged to obey the laws of the French Republic while participating in the events of PIMUN. All participants are personally responsible for all damages to the facilities and venues of the conference.
  4. All participants are expected to treat one another as well as guest speakers with respect, courtesy, and diplomacy.
  5. Failure to abide by clauses 2.c and 2.d may result in being banned from PIMUN 2018 and barred from participating in future editions of PIMUN.

(3) On responsibility and liability

  1. The PIMUN 2018 Secretariat is not responsible and has no legal liability regarding the loss of any personal object during and outside the conference.
  2. PIMUN 2018 is not responsible and has no legal liability in the unlikely event of injury, whether fatal or not, sustained by participants during and outside of the conference.
  3. PIMUN 2018 is not responsible and has no legal liability in the event that a participant partakes in any illegal activities during and outside of the conference.
  4. Any participant to PIMUN 2018 will be liable for any additional costs incurred by the participant due to reckless, inappropriate, or illegal activity such as, but not limited to, vandalism, violence, and illicit narcotics intake.
  5. By participating in PIMUN 2018, underage participants also agree to the “Underage Participant Waiver Form” which can and will be provided to them upon request. They also must provide a photocopy of their Identity Cards or passport and have the waiver signed by a tutor.
  6. Only underage participants aged between 16 years old and 18 years old on the day before the first day of the conference may be allowed to participate to PIMUN 2018.
  7. Underage participants aged between 16 years old and 18 years old will only be accepted as delegate if they are accompanied by an adult delegate of 18 years old or more in a delegation. They cannot apply as a single delegate.
  8. Due to French law, underage delegates before the first day of the conference will not be allowed to the socials taking place in venues serving alcohol. Thus they cannot order and pay the social fee on MyMUN.

(4) On privacy and image rights

  1. PIMUN 2018 reserves the right to use all images and footage of the participants taken during the days of the conference, for communication purposes, to promote further editions of the conference. The same right applies to the CINUP, for a duration of one year starting the day after the conference.
  2. The PIMUN 2018 Secretariat reserves the right to use all data submitted by individuals, specifically the contact informations provided, to be used for the promotion of future editions of the conference.

(5) On intellectual property

  1. The PIMUN 2018 Secretariat claims copyright on all data and information available on the website www.pimun.fr, and all official PIMUN Social Media, including, but not limited to: the PIMUN Logo, all rules of procedure, all Topic Guides, and all the photos and footage.
  2. Any individual wishing to use those materials has to make an official request to the PIMUN Secretariat via the following email address: secretary.general@pimun.fr .